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Shealey Law Firm


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The DUI defense attorneys at Shealey Law Firm in Columbia, SC will work hard to reduce your conviction chance by first questioning the legitimacy of your traffic stop. Because South Carolina has complex DUI laws that must be strictly adhered to by Columbia law enforcement, any mistake made by the arresting officer can be used to try and obtain a dismissal. In South Carolina:

  • The arresting officer’s video camera must begin videotaping as soon as the officer turns on the blue lights.
  • Your Miranda rights must be read to you before you can be arrested at the incident scene.
  • Prior to administering the breathalyzer test, the officer must have read and provided the implied consent rights stating the consequences of a refusal to submit to a blood test, urine test, or breath test.
  • The arresting officer must provide you with affirmative assistance in transporting you to a facility of your choosing so that you can be offered an additional test to determine blood alcohol level upon your request.
  • Roadside or field sobriety tests must have been properly administered for the result to be used in court. Inaccuracies with field sobriety tests are widespread and commonly challenged.

Whether you’re facing a DUI charge in the Columbia courtroom or you’ve already lost your license due to a DUI arrest, you’ll find the aggressive litigation you need to protect your freedom at Shealey Law Firm.